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Points To Consider Before You Decide On Teeth Whitening

You may have started noticing that your smile is not as white as it used to be. A whiter and brighter smile adds so much beauty to your persona. It is normal that as you age your teeth will appear yellowish. Certain habits like tobacco, food and drinks can also cause your teeth to lose its white sheen. The yellow colour could become permanent and even proper brushing will not help get rid off it. Teeth whitening is a great solution that can help you get your bright smile back. You could get it done at a dental clinic or use power swabs. You can read the review of power swabs before deciding on the right option.

Many people love to opt for the teeth whitening procedure provided by dental clinics. Most dental clinics follow a standard teeth whitening protocol which is safe on patients. A standard whitening gel used in the procedure consists of hydrogen peroxide which can have harmful effects if used in high concentration for a longer duration of time. A study revealed that excessive whitening procedure over 6 months on a few patients did not have any harmful effects even after seven years. As per whitening gurus Dr Harold Heymann, it is best to avoid contact between your gums and the whitening gel. Also, see to that you follow the instructions given by your dentists. Your teeth are bound to be sensitive for a while.

It is good to precondition your teeth before the process of tooth whitening. Preconditioning involves using an anti sensitive toothpaste for 2 to 3 weeks before you do teeth whitening. This will help you withstand the sensitivity that happens during the process of teeth whitening. The whitening gels used these days have a sedative ingredient to help avoid the sensitivity you feel while doing the whitening process. The whitening gels work like carpet cleaning solutions. The hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide present in the whitening gel releases molecular oxygen when in contact with the saliva. This oxygen helps remove particles that cause stain and discolouration. On the enamel.

Whitening works on the power of molecular oxygen but it does not have the same result on dental fillings, crowns, bridges or implants. Your teeth enamel gives you better results for teeth whitening procedure. So, it is always best to perform any dental work done before whitening the teeth. This will help you get the right shade for your crowns, fillings or bridges. This will give a natural look to your teeth. An in-office whitening procedure will take 45 to 60 minutes. They use a light accelerator to dehydrate your enamel. It is an expensive treatment that often lasts not more than an hour. It works by the fact that dehydrated enamels will look whiter than the hydrated enamels. All whitening products use the same peroxide formula and defined whitening protocols. The concentration and the contact time on the teeth will increase or decrease the results. There is no insurance cover available for teeth whitening procedure.