A Perfect Guide To Prune Trees and Shrub

You must offer adequate care for trees and plants. A pruned tree grows healthy and looks good. Pruning is an important activity that promotes the growth of trees and shrubs. It is a practice where some of the parts of the tree or plant are removed. Toronto Tree Experts suggests regular pruning of trees. Make sure to learn how to prune your trees the right way. Here you would find review on how hard pruning affects the health of plants and trees. Continue reading to know about the basics of pruning.

Benefits of Pruning

There are lots of reasons and benefits for pruning your trees and shrubs

Safety: Removing the branches that obscure traffic is a significant safety concern. Pruning the trees with broken branches can avoid accidents. It can also prevent the accidental fall of the branches on people or vehicles.

Rejuvenates Growth: Pruning promotes the growth of plants. A pruned tree becomes healthy after a few days of pruning. Removing broken or diseased parts of the trees promote its health.

Develop Strong Branching Structure: Pruning helps to direct the growth of trees of plants. It helps to train your plants to grow in the right direction. This helps in developing a healthy branching structure.

Shape Plants: Pruning helps in shaping your plants and trees. This gives a good look to your garden

Improves Yield: Pruning helps plants and trees to yield more flowers and fruits. You can expect a good harvest when you have pruned your trees right.

Pruning At The Right Time

Make sure to prune at the right time. This is important because pruning at the wrong time can reduce the yield of your plants and trees. Prune trees based on the season. Prune summer-blooming trees in early spring. The timing for pruning varies based on the local climate.

Understanding Pruning Cuts

Try to practice some basic pruning cuts when you wish to prune your trees. Learn the basic pruning cuts and witness the healthy growth of your trees and plants.

Pinching: This is the most precise pruning cut. It is merely pinching the tree or plant buds with your fingers. It directs your plants to grow in an even shape. It gives a bushy look to your plants.

Heading: This type of cut stimulates the buds and improves growth. Heading is cutting the shoot further using pruners. This type of pruning cut helps to achieve dense growth.

Shearing: It is nothing but cutting the lateral buds of plants. This cut offers a desired shape to your plants. It also promotes new growth.

Thinning: This is nothing but reducing the bulk plants or trees. Choose the right pruning tool based on the thickness of the branch you wish to cut.

Pruning Tools You May Need

Make use of the right pruning tools to ensure perfect pruning of your trees and plants.

Hand shears: Use this tool for tight cuts on plants
Lopping shears: This can be used for pruning branches of 1-½ inches diameter.
Pruning saws: This is used when your branches are thick.
Hedge Shears: This is used to trim shrubs and offer shape to it.

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