Yin Deficiency

yin deficiency syndrome

What is Yin Deficiency?

Yin is a form of body fluid and life essence that is stored in the kidneys.  Kidney Yin represents a nest egg of nourishment which lies deep within.  Yin is responsible for the restoration and revitalization of every organ system in the body which governs growth, the reproductive system, bone health, controlling the flow of urine, and the brain.

Yin can be likened to a well, a reserve of nutrients, which mustn’t run dry. (Daverick Leggett).  In our fast paced world, in which we are overworked, under nourished, and depleted we pull on our Yin reserves and consume our stores.  A Western medical example of yin deficiency can be adrenal fatigue.

As the Yin fluids in the body decrease, there is a perceived sense of heat increased in the body.  This can manifest as night sweats or hot flashes, being thirsty in the middle of the night, or having your cheeks appear rosy in the evenings.  This heat is only in relation to the decline of Yin fluids in the body and not a true form of heat.   Yin deficiency can have a number of symptoms, which can be seen listed below.

You may have Yin Deficiency if you experience one or more of the following:

  • feeling deeply drained
  • anxiety, fears, paranoia
  • panic attacks
  • poor memory
  • dry skin
  • dry eyes
  • tinnitus
  • night sweats
  • hot flashes
  • dark urine that’s usually a small amount or dribbling
  • infertility
  • feel tired, yet wired at the same time
  • restlessness
  • red, flushed cheeks – especially that occur in the afternoon – evening
  • insomnia
  • menopausal symptoms
  • lower back pain
  • knee pain
  • ache in bones
  • burning sensation on palms of hands, chest, soles of feet

What a Yin Deficiency tongue may look like:

Normal Tongue:  A normal tongue shouldn’t look too big or small, too thick or thin, too red or pale, too wet or dry.  The tongue coating is thin and white in colour and covers most of the tongue.  The tongue is stable, not shaking when out. There should be no teethmarks or scalloped edges on the side of the tongue.

normal tongue






Yin Deficiency Tongue: The tongue is red in colour that is usually thin in size and dry.  The coating can be thin or none at all.  The tongue can also have cracks in it.

yin deficiency tongue






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