Qi Deficiency

qi deficiency syndrome

What is Qi Deficiency?

Qi is easiest described as energy.  We create Qi by our intake of food and air.  Our health is dependent on the food we consume, how much we rest and exercise, and the amount of work we do.  This affects the amount of Qi we produce and consume.

Qi is responsible for all the functions in our body such as digestion, temperature regulation, circulation, holding our organs in place, keeping our immune system strong, and providing us with energy.

When our Qi is deficient, it means that we are under functioning in some way. This will show itself in different ways depending on what our individual strengths and weaknesses are congenitally. Below are examples of what the different symptoms look like.

You may have Qi Deficiency if you experience one or more of the following:

  • frequent colds and flus, especially with slow recovery
  • low energy
  • fatigue
  • shortness of breath
  • low, soft or weak voice
  • feeling cold
  • weakness
  • bloating
  • loose bowel movements
  • food sensitivities
  • nervous indigestion
  • anemia
  • hemorrhoids
  • bruise easily
  • emotionally feel unsupported, seeking empathy from others
  • overthinking
  • worrying
  • mind won’t “shut off”
  • spontaneous sweating

What a Qi Deficiency tongue may look like:

Normal Tongue:  A normal tongue shouldn’t look too big or small, too thick or thin, too red or pale, too wet or dry.  The tongue coating is thin and white in colour and covers most of the tongue.  The tongue is stable, not shaking when out. There should be no teethmarks or scalloped edges on the side of the tongue.

normal tongue





Qi Deficiency Tongue: The tongue is pale or normal coloured, can be swollen with teethmarks on the side.

qi deficiency tongue







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