How do I choose which meal plan is right for me?

Before choosing your meal plan, you need to determine your TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) syndrome by taking our online quiz.

Take our online QUIZ here: ENbutton1

We  highly suggest you see a Registered Acupuncturist for treatment and proper TCM syndrome diagnosis.  Concurrent acupuncture treatments in conjunction with the Yin Yang Diet can facilitate rapid healing; they work beautifully together.

To find an acupuncturist near you, search here: Find Local Acupuncturist HERE! 

I scored 1 point difference on the quiz, which plan would be best for me?

The meal plan that you scored highest on is the right one for you. The meal plan that your scored 1 point below on would be your next ideal plan as once you complete the first 2 weeks, you may notice a variety of different symptoms present themselves which require further and different treatment.

I tied some of my scores on the Quiz, which one do i choose?

Sit with the answers for a moment, re-read the questions and go with your ‘gut’ which one feels more like the right fit at the moment. That’s probably the one you need. If you are still confused about it, please feel free to contact us or your practitioner to help diagnose your symptoms with more specific questions.

How does this differ from other nutrition plans?

Yin Yang Diet is designed SPECIFIC to your needs and your body

This is NOT a blanket, one size fits all nutritional plan.

Some of our meal plans are raw and dairy free while others include warming foods (cooked and sweeter in flavour) as well as a number of aromatic dishes.

Our meals are based on the healing principles of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

We take into the account that each individual is unique and experiences symptoms for different reasons than another. 
With insomnia, for example, a person who falls asleep easily and wakes up throughout the night is different from someone who has difficultly falling asleep, but sleeps soundly throughout the night.  Based on your individual patterns, your TCM syndrome will differ.

I have created meal plans to help facilitate your healing, based on your specific needs.

What’s included with each weekly meal plan?

Each meal plan includes:

HEALING GUIDELINE describing the most important steps to facilitate your health (e.g. how much water per day should you be drinking for YOUR body weight)

  • 3 BREAKFAST recipes
  • 3 LUNCH recipes
  • 7 DINNER recipes
  • 1 DESSERT recipe
  • FOOD CHART outlining exactly what foods you should and should not be eating
  • BEVERAGE recommendations

What if I don’t eat gluten, can I use these meal plans?

All of our recipes are GLUTEN FREE or offer gluten free options!  We believe eating a gluten free diet to benefit most individuals, especially when trying to heal our bodies.

What if I’m vegetarian and/or vegan?

70% of our recipes are vegetarian as it’s important to eat a broad spectrum plant based diet.

For the non vegetarian recipes, it is easy to replace the protein with plant based proteins suggested in your Food Chart, which is included in every meal plan.

If you are vegan, we would suggest the Qi Stagnation Meal Plan as these contain no dairy or eggs.  Only a couple of recipes contain animal products and can be easily substituted with plant based protein -found in your Food Chart – included in every meal plan.

How long do I stay on the meal plan?

In general, after 2-4 weeks of eating these meals, you can start to see an improvement in your overall health.  Under the guidance of your acupuncturist, they can inform you of how long to stay on these meal plans.  Some people heal very quickly, while some long term chronic conditions need more time.

How long do the meals take to make?

At the Yin Yang Diet, we have designed our meals to be quick and easy; 20-45 minutes.  We we get home from work, the last we we want to do is spend a lot of time slaving over a stove.

We offer about one elaborate meal per week to be made when you have more time available, perhaps on the weekend.

Recipes are simple and uncomplicated.  Most meals take about 30 minutes to whip up and yet they taste SO delicious, that you’d never know it.

Where can I find out more information about my TCM syndrome?

You can learn more about the different TCM syndromes: Qi Deficiency, Blood deficiency, Qi Stagnation, Yin Deficiency under the LEARN tab at the top of this page.

What does TCM stand for?

Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It’s the short-term we folks like to use since it’s a big ol’ mouthful to keep saying Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional… 😉

Who are you and what are your credentials?

Hello! I’m Tara and I am a Registered Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Food & Nutrition writer, and avid foodie.  My Undergrad is in Psychology and I have a Post Grad Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, and Lifestyle Education.  I’ve also had the pleasure of attending the Progressive Practitioner Coaching Program by Tom Malterre (MS, CN) which is an extensive practical study of nutrition.

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