About Us

Tara Akuna R.Ac. & Sara Ward R.Ac.

“We wanted to share our discovery that food is an extremely powerful healer when properly combined.”

We’re Tara and Sara, the visionaries and creators of the Yin Yang Diet, acupuncturists, collaborators, owners, and operators of The Village Community Acupuncture in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Most importantly, we are moms, wives, and uniquely ourselves. We truly caught our stride the moment we journeyed together down the path of partnership.

Discovering in 2012 that we were both pregnant, and our due dates being only two weeks apart, we began to reconnect after graduating from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver (ICTCMV).

Our pregnancies could not have been any more different, a true Yin and Yang story. Tara struggled throughout her pregnancy but had a wonderful homebirth, while Sara’s pregnancy was joyful and easy only to be met with a difficult labour and delivery.

In the years to follow, our babies brought us together, but so did other things. As practitioners, we discussed every commonly acknowledged healing method and began to recognize similarities in our vision for health care. Food was always at the foundation.

Further, using food as medicine to heal ourselves and our families prompted us to create the Yin Yang Diet. We wanted to share our discovery that food is an extremely powerful healer when properly combined.

So in 2015, we set out to be tree shakers and innovators of our industry. We came together out of a desire to grow, collaborate, and create and we haven’t looked back. Every day we are pushing boundaries, testing, and experimenting.

We have created modern meals that are delicious, quick, and easy to make.   All of the recipes have GLUTEN FREE options and there are many VEGETARIAN dishes as well.  We can’t wait for you to try them yourself!

Antonina Whaplesantonina whaples

Antonina Whaples is a Clinical Certified Holistic Herbalist practicing western herbalism in the context of Chinese medical theory. She runs an online and brick and mortar herbal clinic, as well as the Piedmont School of Herbal Studies PiedmontHerbSchool.com

Antonina is our herbal adviser at Yin Yang Diet; she created all of the therapeutic herbal tea recommendations to help facilitate your healing.  She is passionate, enthusiastic and eerily intuitive **this is a good thing** when it comes to her craft.