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  • Nourishing Meals gluten free bread

    GLUTEN gives me Spleen Qi Deficiency

    “Gluten has never affected me.”, I once said to my health practitioner.  I was seeing a naturopathic doctor because my period had ceased to come back after going off the pill.  She was putting me on a whole body cleanse and removing gluten was one of the suggestions.  I’ve heard of gluten intolerance and celiac, […]

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  • Pineapple Ginger Green Smoothie TCM Dampness Chinese Food Therapy

    Got Sinus Issues? This SMOOTHIE Can Help.

    Have you got some snotty sinus issues?  Seasonal allergies, a recurring case of sinusitis, post nasal drip, or chronic sinus problems.  If so, listen up because I have a yummy smoothie recipe for you that not only tastes good, but is healing and can reduce your symptoms; it’s part of our New Damp Diet. Yin […]

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  • dry eyes goji tea

    Dry Gritty Eyes GONE with Goji Berry Tea

    Years ago I got a BAD case of pink eye that lead to some tearing and scrapes on my cornea; boy oh boy was that painful.  Ever since that happened I’ve always been a little obsessive about my eyes.  If they feel slightly irritated or gritty, I start looking for remedies to soothe them. This […]

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Our Corrective Nutritional Therapy alleviates your symptoms & brings your body back into balance, based on Traditional Chinese Herbology. Food is used as Medicine in specific combinations as a short term Therapeutic Diet #FoodFormulas